Quality Material.

Pronet was established in mid-1989 to meet the growing demand for a supplier of shade ports with higher-than-normal quality materials and workmanship standards specializing in industry standard and customized shade ports.

Outstanding Service.

Pronet has a reputation in the market for delivering outstanding service and customer satisfaction will always be our goal. Pronet realized 31 years ago that there is a demand to protect vehicles, trailers, boats, caravans, trucks, etc.

Cost effective.

We took this opportunity and professional approach by offering our product to homeowners, the vehicle trade, car dealers and contractors. Pronet currently manufactures and erects a cost-effective quality product.

Our Company.

Pronet offers only high-quality UV stabilized 8-year warranty (10-12 year life span) shade cloth coupled with 3-year warranties on rigid frames, cabling, stitching and workmanship. Due to our continuous commitment to customer satisfaction, Pronet can offer the best possible quality product at a budget price.

Staff Parking
Residential Parking Bays
Car Wash Bays
Pool Shades

More About Us.

It is our high degree of quality materials, workmanship and uniquely friendly approach to customization of shade ports to suit individual needs that have provided us with a fast-growing client base that includes some of Southern Africa’s most respected companies. Our Pronet teams consist of professional, skilled and friendly individuals, all of whom are committed to customer service in delivering reliable service and a quality end product. Our workmanship is of high standards and is approved by most insurance companies, architects and engineers. Pronet strives to accommodate our clients’ customized sizes and designs, individual needs and requirements.

Entertainment Areas
Nurseries / Agricultural
Caravans & Mobile Homes
School Play Grounds

Product Range.

Shade ports.

Shade ports are a practical and appealing option in contrast to traditional parking spaces.

The shade ports texture considers free air development, diminishing the temperature and in the meantime giving a shade factor up to 95% contingent upon the individual shading.

Car ports.

A carport is a covered structure used to offer protection to vehicles, primarily cars by using different types of material as roofing other than shade netting. The structure can either be free-standing or attached to a wall. Unlike most structures, a carport does not have four walls. Carports offer less protection than garages, however, they are great looking, durable and allow more ventilation. A carport is therefore a cheap and effective device for the protection of your assets.


We don’t just customise and install, we also offer comprehensive service and maintenance to ensure the efficiency and longevity of your Carports or Shade ports.

Everything begins to wear over time, we stretch that time way past the expected life-cycle.

Open Market Shades
DIY Kitsorts

We strive to provide our clients with prompt and efficient customer service.

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