Shade Ports

Standard 4 Pole Structure

Pronet Standard Structures consists of 4 upright poles – one placed at each corner of the structure.

Pronet Cantilever structures consists of 2 upright poles at the back of the structure only. Having no poles in front of the structure will allow total access when turning into the parking bay. The possibility of vehicles causing structural damage is greatly decreased especially in complexes and office parks.

Cantilever 2 Pole Structure

Semi Cantilever Structure

Pronet Semi Cantilever Structures consists of 3 upright columns, generally 2 in the back and 1 in the front. In some cases will the front pole be slightly receded in order to improve the ability to enter and exit parking bays without incidence or causing structural damage.

Pronet Wall Mounted Structures will generally be suggested if there are walls that can accommodate wall brackets instead of using upright poles.

Wall Mounted Standard Structures

Sizes Available

3.0m x 5.5m

5.0m x 5.5m

7.5m x 5.5m

10.0m x 5.5m – Standard 4 pole structure only

Pronet manufactures all our structures on order, we therefore can accommodate our client’s needs and requirements according to the application.

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